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Harriet Duncalfe (H&H duncalfe))

 We would like to nominate Harriet Duncalfe of H&H Duncalfe for her tireless work over many years supporting cutting-edge research and disseminating it.  

During her career, Harriet has been a member of the DEFRA Hort LINK Programme Management Committee, an industry representative to the Horticultural Innovation Partnership and chair of the ADHB Soft Fruit Panel for several terms. While chair of the Soft Fruit Panel, Harriet was instrumental in the formation of the UK Spotted Wing Drosophila Working Group (UKSWDWG). SWD is currently one of the biggest threats to fresh fruit, and producers in countries where SWD is rampant have suffered significant losses.  

As UKSWDWG chair, Harriet ensured its 25-strong membership comprised representatives of all stakeholders including government policymakers, regulators, scientists and industry sectors. The main objective of UKSWDWG was to be prepared for the arrival of SWD, and ensure that there was a co-ordinated approach to managing information and the approval of chemical controls.

By raising funds from a range of sources, Harriet also enabled a comprehensive research programme into SWD to be carried out, which was managed by the group. As a result, the UK has not suffered a significant problem with SWD to date.

"As an industry, we owe Harriet a great debt in fighting a highly difficult pest", adds Jacqui Green, Berry Gardens CEO.

Currently, Harriet chairs Berry Gardens' Grower Research Advisory Panel and, in her spare time, she mentors PhD students, offering invaluable insight and support in their chosen field.