Angus Soft Fruits

 Our annual market appraisal highlighted the rapid growth in the “out of home” sector which would encompass foodservice and wholesale customer outlets for Angus Soft Fruits.

To ensure we were aligned with this trend we set ourselves an ambitious target to increase the Food Service unit turnover by 60% year on year. We are delighted to have surpassed this target and achieved growth of almost 100% in the department. With such an aspirational target in mind we had to review our current model and adapt it to best fit the requirements of the foodservice sector. 

We formed a strategy in line with our values: to exceed, innovate, collaborate, be efficient and operate with integrity. The strategy focused on developing our brands – Angus Select, AVA™ Berries and Good Natured – develop long-term collaborative partnerships with key customers, tailor our procurement process to foodservice requirements, streamline our operational process, and resource our team with industry experts.   

The team has been aligned with the strategy and have been ambassadors of the company mission and values, which always keeps the consumer front of mind. With this united approach in achieving our goals we have overdelivered and secured several meaningful long-term partnerships to futureproof this success. We are incredibly proud of the team’s achievements this year and are excited to grow this berry market even further.