Unsung Hero - Duncan Mills (Berry Gardens).jpg

WINNER: Duncan Mills (Berry Gardens)

Duncan Mills, Supply Chain Director was tasked by the Berry Gardens Board to create cross-functional working teams to drive efficiencies through the business. Duncan’s management style is aligned with his rugby playing. The power of the team is recognised, there is no ‘I’ only ‘we’, underpinned by a clear focus, confidence, accountability and recognition, whilst being fun. 

Four working groups were established across the business from Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales & Technical and finally Berry Garden growers. “Throughout this process it has been important to recognise individual team dynamics and personalities and ensure people drive the process rather than the process driving the people, says Duncan. The teams have developed organically, with Duncan as a highly visible facilitator available to act as a sounding board. Each team meets fortnightly to maintain momentum and ensure a clear focus.

Whilst the working groups have successfully reduced complexity in the business and therefore cost efficiencies the project has also strengthened the co-operative culture in the business, motivating and empowering individuals to make decisions with the benefit of support from their peers who they may have had limited contact with.