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Kriss Porada (Fresh Food Co EU)

With 10 years of experience in the fresh produce supply chain, Kriss Porada joined Fresh Food Co EU in August 2018 to head business development for the new company. Within three months of taking his new position, using his high-energy, 'cut-to-the-chase' style to keep his clients engaged, and his unique ability to quickly gain credibility using his wealth of product knowledge and experience in cold chain management, Kriss developed working relationships with suppliers across the world and servicing a fast growing customer base in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Through persistent cold-calling and personal visits, Kriss onboards each of his clients and personally manages each of their accounts ensuring that they receive the best value for the product required.

As versatile and innovative collaborator; Kriss proactively supports the dynamic produce business environment through his ability to explore new avenues and solutions or adapt existing sources to manage complex business demands. By working with growers directly he is able to ensure the clients requirements and specifications are communicated clearly and concisely prior to any supply agreement.

Described by his teammates and clients as passionate and enthusiastic individual, Kriss works around the clock putting his clients’ needs first. Kriss has a proven ability to promote team building within the organisation and fostering networks that contribute to positive value creation for the business.

Kriss is extremely passionate about his work, he personally contributed to renovate his home office and branded his walls to ensure he is constantly reminded of doing what he loves!