In 2018, Aldi made the bold step of pledging to become Carbon Neutral by 2019.

We have focused on a systematic reduction of carbon emissions through purchasing 100% renewable electricity, switching to less harmful refrigerant gases and using waste heat from our refrigeration systems to heat our stores. 

Carbon is known to be a major cause of ozone layer depletion and the greenhouse effect, so one of the key developments has been our pledge to become a carbon-neutral company. We are proud to be one of the biggest installers and operators of solar panels in the UK and have invested £31 million in photovoltaic power since 2012. Refrigerant gases are known to have a major impact on the environment, so as part of our international climate strategy, we’ve focused on a systematic phase out of older refrigeration systems to newer cabinets using less harmful gases. Since 2018, all of our new stores are built with CO2 refrigeration systems, and we are retrofitting these systems into a number of our older stores each year. 

As well as reducing our carbon emissions by optimising our energy use via our ISO 50001 accredited energy management system, we’ve partnered with external organisations such as Climate Partner to purchase the remaining carbon offsets. Through this, we’ll be supporting international schemes to provide fuel-efficient cookstoves and water purification equipment. 

We worked hard to reduce our emissions and find ways to be kinder to the environment and on 1 January 2019 we officially became carbon neutral.