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Two years ago, G’s looked at packaging improvements within the mushroom category as no major improvements had been made in either packaging or shelf life extension in last 40 years and we believed there was an opportunity to deliver an improved offer to the consumer.

G’s commissioned extensive consumer research to understand what consumers valued most and we learned that consumers did not like how mushrooms deteriorated due to condensation caused by the plastic punnet as well as voicing their concerns over the amount of plastic used in packaging, something now at the forefront of packaging discussions.

By understanding what consumers want, G’s sourced an environmentally superior material that helps to extend shelf life of mushrooms and reduce food waste.

Working with its industry partners, G’s implemented an innovative method of top sealing a pulp punnet. Combining the use of film with perforation structures designed by food scientists and extensive structural design changes to the Earthcycle™ punnet, we achieved our goals - matching production speeds of plastic, delivering a home compostable punnet and extending life by 20%.

42% of home food waste in mushrooms is associated with expiration of best before dates. When combined with the evidence that 12 million tonnes of plastic will enter the world’s oceans this year the packaging developments will directly address consumer concerns. 
Over the period almost 3 million consumers have had the opportunity to purchase the compostable punnets. Feedback both on social media and directly through the stores has been incredibly positive.