Has your company launched a new product or packaging concept in the last year? Whether a new variety, a variation on an existing theme or a new way of presenting things, this is the category that recognises creative innovation.


Our 2018 Picking Buckets & Liners are designed to offer durability and longevity, helping growers reduce their yearly costs and get value for money. Our new liners are compatible with any 28ltr bucket, saving money on replacing the whole bucket.

They now also feature reinforced stitching and are made from a waterproof material. The chute has also been designed in the shape of a funnel and made longer to minimise the chances of damage to fruit when being released.

Our liners are also compatible with any 28ltr bucket, meaning you don’t have to a) buy a whole new bucket and b) can purchase one to fit the bucket you already own, even if they weren’t originally purchased form us.

Our buckets are now made from stronger plastic and feature a genuine leather cross-piece on the harness, design to help offer the user more support by taking some of the strain off of their shoulders and back. 

We feel Agricare has really excelled with this product, taking on the concerns and comments our customers have made over the years to offer them a high quality product that’s also value for money. 


Innovation - Florette.jpg


As the market leader in bagged salads, Florette is an expert in using consumer and shopper insight to develop innovative products. In September 2017, it did just this, when it launched its new steamed and ready-to-eat beetroot fridge pack. 

Florette identified that consumers were put off by traditional cooked beetroot due to the mess and hassle of handling the packaging. In response, Florette developed a unique solution – a resealable and mess-free pack, that’s also easy to store in the fridge. However, it’s not just the packaging that is innovative – the beetroot itself is steam cooked, providing consumers with fresh, vinegar-free, natural versatile beetroot.

Florette Beetroot is now available in over 2000 stores, listed in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Nisa, Co-op, and all the major Irish retailers. Crucially, the product has enabled both the recruitment of new consumers, plus trade up from a low value traditional product to one that is differentiated and value adding.

The success of the launch:
• Over 600K* shoppers have purchased Florette Beetroot already.
• Florette beetroot has driven 27.2%* incremental sales into the beetroot category. 
(*source: Kantar 24W to 17.06.18)
• By the end of 2018, Florette is forecasting a retail sales value of over £2.5M, and a predicted share of 8%.

By identifying a clear gap in the market for a convenient and natural product – Florette has both broadened its customer base and driven overall category growth. And - most importantly - consumers love it, with positive feedback on its ‘fresh clean flavour’ and ‘easy to use pack’. 



Iridis Plumcot by Fruitaria is a combination of plum and apricot, the best of each fruit. The result is a new product, called Iridis Plumcot, extra sweet and crunchy. And healthy, as it contains lots of red and purple antioxidant called anthocyanins not easy to find in great fruits (more in berries).

We present the product in a very attractive recently designed box with stickers in each fruit.

Iridis Plumcot is a new organoleptic experience in which you will find taste, colour and antioxidants: three advantages in a summer delicious fruit. 

With a turnover of 75,000,000 Eur Fruitaria is a one of the most important fruit growers in Spain with more than 110.000 tons of fresh fruits sold in 40 different countries in the whole world every year.

Fruitaria propose national and international consumers an alternative of differentiated delicious fruit the whole year round.


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Two years ago, G’s looked at packaging improvements within the mushroom category as no major improvements had been made in either packaging or shelf life extension in last 40 years and we believed there was an opportunity to deliver an improved offer to the consumer.

G’s commissioned extensive consumer research to understand what consumers valued most and we learned that consumers did not like how mushrooms deteriorated due to condensation caused by the plastic punnet as well as voicing their concerns over the amount of plastic used in packaging, something now at the forefront of packaging discussions.

By understanding what consumers want, G’s sourced an environmentally superior material that helps to extend shelf life of mushrooms and reduce food waste.

Working with its industry partners, G’s implemented an innovative method of top sealing a pulp punnet. Combining the use of film with perforation structures designed by food scientists and extensive structural design changes to the Earthcycle™ punnet, we achieved our goals - matching production speeds of plastic, delivering a home compostable punnet and extending life by 20%.

42% of home food waste in mushrooms is associated with expiration of best before dates. When combined with the evidence that 12 million tonnes of plastic will enter the world’s oceans this year the packaging developments will directly address consumer concerns. 
Over the period almost 3 million consumers have had the opportunity to purchase the compostable punnets. Feedback both on social media and directly through the stores has been incredibly positive.


Innovation - Obeikan MDF.jpg


This fruit packaging is an improvement of an already existing box and it is widely used in the fruit and vegetable sector. It is a Unit of Sale packaging, focused on making shopping easier to the final customers. In a single gesture, the purchase of fruit is in the cart, without having to worry about weighing and labelling. 

In this respect, we have wanted to go one step further. Concerned about the new generations, we have focused our efforts on transmitting to young children the importance of healthy eating and the need to eat fruit and vegetables every day. 


Our aim is to design a package that provides added value. It is not just a box containing fruit, but also helps customers to promote healthy eating habits in families. 


We are confident that including a game in the packaging, many children will be attracted to the box and fruit. In this way, we are promoting healthy food consumption and fun. We believe that Fruit & Fun is a perfect combination and will reinforce good eating habits in the new generations. 

This packaging is not only aimed at the little ones, but also at any amateur of the good food and the challenges and board games. The development of this project seeks also to increase the sales of the fruit producers, who will benefit from the good reception of the product. This packaging gives an added value to the product.


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With over 10 years of experience in fresh Tenderstem®, TSA International, together with Coregeo®, master licensor for Tenderstem® in the UK, developed a technique of freezing the hand-picked Tenderstem® crop within hours of harvesting, resulting in a world first for the brand. This innovation was almost a decade in development, delivering a premium product in optimum condition, qualities a UK consumer has come to expect from this leading fresh produce brand. 

By freezing at the point of picking in Kenya, all the nutrients and vitamins present in raw Tenderstem® are retained. Each stem is individually frozen, with minimal bead loss and perfectly preserved, to be used at the consumer’s convenience. Frozen Tenderstem® can be eaten from stem to floret and is just as versatile as fresh Tenderstem®, offering consumers flexibility and convenience. 

Not only did the product have to deliver on quality but also on the communication. Coregeo®, created a cool twist on the Tenderstem® advertising using the same cheeky character and posed him making snow angels. With a small budget and big ideas, Frozen Tenderstem® was launched into the market using social media and press creating 4.5million opportunities to see in just 4 months.

With YTD sales up, Tenderstem® as a brand is continuing to show great growth results and this latest product innovation is helping to boost sales and gives access to new consumers.


Innovation - Uflex.jpg


Flexfresh™ is a unique special patented film of proprietary polymeric composition by Uflex Limited that works on the principle of Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging which is being increasingly used by fruit and vegetable growers across the world to elongate the shelf-life of their fresh produce. Flexfresh™ while maintaining the humidity inside the bag at around 95%, keeps the product absolutely dry without allowing condensation of the humidity. This results in very low weight loss of the produce as it continues to breathe in hydrated oxygen available inside the bag. It is the first ever film for packing fresh produce that is bio-degradable by industrial composting.

The film has now been extensively tested for shelf life extension for fruits and vegetables like Blueberries, Cherries, Pomegranates, Banana, Pineapples, Papaya, Litchi, Rambutan, Mango, Grapes, Beans, Avocados, Lettuce, Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Okra, Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach, Cut Flowers across the globe. One example is discussed here.

A prominent European Retail Chain conducted a litmus trial with FlexfreshTM bags by shipping Blueberries from South America to Europe. This journey usually takes more than 5 weeks by sea. While the loose blueberries resulted in an average weight loss of 19.96%, those packed in FlexfreshTM shed merely 0.76% weight after a period of 7 weeks, thus registering a phenomenal 96% reduction in weight loss upon arrival. 

With the help of FlexfreshTM growers of fruits and vegetables across the globe have been able to switch from expensive airfreight to cost-effective sea-freight further stepping up the innovation quotient.