Marketing or Digital Initiative


Winner: Team GB Sponsorship (Aldi)

Runner-up: Snackisfaction (Pink Lady)

Aldi became the first supermarket to sponsor the British Olympic team, putting its Super 6 fresh produce initiative at the heart of its promotional campaign. The retailer’s stated aim is to shift its perception from a German discounter to a credible British supermarket by making high-quality fresh produce aff ordable to everyone and highlighting its commitment to British growers. Its integrated, multichannel campaign promoted healthy lifestyle choices and communicated the message that if it is worthy for Olympians, it is worthy for all.

Th e campaign has helped improve sales of fresh produce since Rio, with a 15 per cent year-on-year upli . It drove a 22 per cent perception increase in Aldi promoting healthy, affordable living and repositioning Aldi as a destination for quality produce.