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The past year saw Aldi launch its four-year partnership with Olympic athletes, the Brownlee Brothers, who teamed up to support ‘Get Set to Eat Fresh’ (GSTEF), an educational programme, initiated by the British Olympic Association (BOA) and Aldi, that aims to educate 5-14 year olds on the benefits of fresh food.

The goal is to reach 1.2 million young people in the UK by 2020, so we initiated a marketing campaign that was about more than just advertising. It was about making a difference to real lives and promoting the benefits of fresh produce within a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re an athlete or a young person.

This included:
• Partnership launch with the Brownlee Brothers which saw them opening the new Guiseley Aldi store in their homeland of Yorkshire, before heading to Yeadon Westfield Infant School to inspire the local children
• Partnership with the Brownlee Foundation - an organisation that encourages healthy behaviours in children through nationwide events. We supported two events with 84 participating local schools (over 2,129 children and teachers), enabling us to drive awareness of GSTEF to the communities
• Using the Brownlee Brothers to promote Super 6 across all marketing channels

Since its inception, GSTEF has seen over 780,000 young people reached and over 8,500 teachers and parents have signed up to the programme. The campaign’s success has had a staggering impact on the business with £1.3 billion annual produce sales, up 16.3% from last year, and Super 6 sales growing 16.4% YOY.