Plastic Reduction (Wealmoor)

At Wealmoor we are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and work hard to ensure that we lead the industry on positive change and continuous improvement.

One of the areas which has been a key focus for us is plastics and innovating to change what we do to reduce our use of this within our supply chains to more sustainable options. As a responsible business, we know that where we are currently using polystyrene we need to look for alternatives that are not destined for incineration or landfill. We are excited to be the first to announce a new solution for our herb boxes, moving away from polystyrene to a polypropylene box which has all of the following great benefits: a reduction in carbon footprint; it is 100% recyclable so no need to incinerate or landfill; it is lighter in weight and can be flat packed and reduces the amount of unused transported space, meaning a saving on logistics and storage.

It’s a change for the delivery of herbs into the markets which we are excited to be leading whilst at the same time making a positive impact on the planet.