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Produce Solutions, a division of Greenvale, was established three years ago and is growing from strength to strength. Produce Solutions focuses on the challenges facing potato growers and offer up practical solutions to increase and protect yields of high-quality crops. The business works with not only Greenvale growers but any UK potato grower too, making it unique.

Produce Solutions is embedded within the potato supply chain and has a good understanding of the production of potatoes from the field right through to customer’s shelves or processing customer’s plants. Its customers have individual needs and the team has many years combined experience to be able to adapt solutions to meet their challenges. 

The business undertakes a wide range of technical and agronomic services, from soil sampling and seed selection to nutrient management, irrigation advice, on-farm quality control but much more too. 
Expanding its range of activities, Produce Solutions has begun carrying out external trials for the likes of Bayer, Belchim and BASF and with its knowledge of the potato sector gives it an edge over the competition.

The team works alongside The Restrain Company, a technology that uses natural ethylene gas for controlling sprouting on potatoes in storage. The system ensures that potatoes are residue free on leaving stores and can be marketed immediately. 
Produce Solutions also sells PCN biocontrol DeCyst and is hoping to secure a further biofumigant to sell alongside. The team is coming up with its own blend, and working with a researcher to produce bespoke mustard mixes.