Greenvale Lifetime Achievement

LIFETIME Adrian Barlow Photo 31-08-2016, 14 32 41.jpg

Winner: Adrian Barlow

Adrian Barlow has been such a central figure in the growth of the UK top-fruit sector over the past two decades that his absence following retirement last year will be greatly felt.

As chief executive of trade body English Apples & Pears, Barlow helped drive a constant promotional push that saw sales of home-grown fruit rise from 57,000t a year to 112,000t over the past decade.

He was an almost ubiquitous presence in the media at key points in the season, banging the drum about the benefits of British fruit, and occasionally locking horns with retailers to demand better returns to allow growers to invest.

With legendary enthusiasm for the cause and unending passion for the product, Barlow made a huge contribution to the success of the English apple and pear industry.


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