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Blue Skies

2018 saw a resurgence for Blue Skies following a tough 2017 and continued uncertainly around Brexit. In 2018, Blue Skies looked to establish three new strategic pillars in order to ensure our sustainability, whilst upholding our high-quality standards and consistency of supply.

Our business focused primarily on three core pillars:

1) To protect and grow our core accounts 
2) Expand into new territories
3) Launch products in new categories 

In the first pillar, we provided a comprehensive category analysis for all our customers, delivered ongoing high service levels of over 98%, maintained our award-winning fruit quality and managed to grow sales by 9%.

We have also continued to excel in the sustainability arena. For example, we made efforts to reduce our environmental footprint by cutting our use of plastics by 24 tonnes a year simply by removing plastic sporks. We also published ten sustainability commitments as part of our ‘Blueprint’, and we funded our 100th project with the Blue Skies Foundation, which aims to support communities where our fruit is produced in Ghana, Senegal, South Africa and Egypt.

In the second pillar we made significant steps towards entering the USA and UAE markets and launched branded juices in Brazil and Egypt. 

In the third pillar, we launched our first dairy-free ice-creams and developed a new range of fresh-fruit ice lollies.

We achieved this in an exceptionally turbulent time, and with significant deflationary pressures, yet Blue Skies still managed to increase its turnover, remain profitable and strengthen its foundations for future growth.