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Angus Soft Fruits is a leading berry breeder, producer and supplier to UK and European retailers. The business has grown exponentially over the last three years, turning over £95 million in 2015 up to £148m in 2017, an increase of 56%! This success & market outperformance has been achieved through collaboration and innovation with customers and producers. 

Increasing the duration of our UK season was a key objective enabling consumers to buy our British berries for longer and to mitigate potential impacts to our industry following Brexit. We achieved this with a 27 acre glasshouse facility in Somerset and 25 acres of heated tunnels in Scotland, adding four months to our production window. We now produce UK berries from March to December!

To futureproof our growth, we have introduced new varieties of strawberries and raspberries from our AVA breeding programme, offering customers and growers a point of difference and a quality step change. This summer AVA Rosa, AVA Joy, AVA Blush and AVA Star will all be found exclusively in retailer premium tiers.

As our business grows, so do our responsibilities to our local communities and the environment. We are donating fruit weekly and raising money for Angus foodbank, rolling out a plastic-free punnet into UK retailers and educating schoolchildren about agriculture and the produce business in line with the National Curriculum. 
The Angus team are engaged, driven and look forward to our continued success!